Tips to Ensure Mobile Device and Banking Application Safety

With the growing use of smart-phones and tablets to do your day-to-day banking business, the threat of cybercrime attacks has moved into new territory targeting mobile devices and banking applications.  Below are a few tips that can help ensure the safety of your accounts:
  • Do not store usernames and passwords on your device.
  • Only download apps from the most reputable app stores and from the most reputable publishers.  Publisher information is available at the app store.  Malicious apps might attack by stealing data such as usernames and passwords stored on the device or intercepting one-time security codes.
  • Review all disclosures provided at installation.  These disclosures warn users of what the app can do, such as review your text messages, etc.
  • Password protect your device.
  • Report a lost or stolen device to your service provider and the bank immediately.
  • Utilize your provider's security capabilities.  For instance, some providers can remotely lock or wipe the data clean from a lost or stolen device.

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