Tips to Prevent Cybercrime

Cyber-thieves and Online Banking fraud are an ever growing threat, especially for small-business owners.  Plumas Bank takes these threats very seriously and would like to offer a few tips that can help ensure the safety of your accounts:
  • Keep malware and anti-virus programs up-to-date:  Make sure your computer's firewalls, servers, and systems are regularly updated with antivirus, malware detection, and antispyware software.
  • Be careful what you open or download:  Ignore phony e-mails or text messages asking you to update your information, activate an account, or verify your identity.  Never open e-mails or download files from unknown sources.  Remember, Plumas Bank will never ask you for your personal information via electronic communication.
  • Make dual controls mandatory:  Always require a second approval to make online commercial payment transactions or changes to the administration of online entitlements.
  • Use a dedicated computer for online banking:  For all of your monetary transactions, dedicate one computer that's not enabled for e-mail or Web browsing.
  • Restrict Web sites:  Visit only secure, trusted https Web addresses and block access to Web sites that are not necessary for your business.
  • Monitor accounts and set up alerts:  Check accounts daily for suspicious activity and set up text or e-mail notifications for every electronic debit made from your account.
  • Buy Fraud Insurance:  Buy fraud insurance that covers cybercrime and fraudulent bank transfers.

    If you have any questions please contact us at 1.888.3PLUMAS (375.8627).  Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve your business banking needs.  We certainly appreciate your business.