For customers who want a VISA, VISA Gold, or MasterCard credit card.

Benefits: Recognized worldwide by merchants and ATM's; low fixed interest rates. Your Visa Card is now protected with Verified by VISA. Activate your password once at any participating online merchant and get added security forever. Go to for a list of participating merchants.

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The VISA® Debit Card is available to individuals or businesses who have a deposit account with Plumas Bank. The card can be used at any Automated Teller Machine (ATM) displaying the VISA, STAR, PLUS, and JEANIE Symbols. When you use your VISA® Debit Card, funds are automatically deducted from your checking account.

Here are a few of the benefits of your Plumas Bank VISA® Debit Card:

24-Hour access to your account
You can use your Plumas Bank VISA® Debit Card at any Plumas Bank ATM to obtain cash, make deposits, or transfer funds between Plumas Bank accounts. The card can also be used at any VISA, STAR, PLUS or JEANIE ATM to obtain cash. The VISA® Debit Card can also be used at any merchant that accepts VISA®.

Safe and secure.
For regular ATM transactions you use a four digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) to identify yourself. For VISA® Debit Cards transactions at a merchant that accepts Visa Debit Cards, your signature serves as identification.

Zero Liability

Zero Liability means you do not have to pay for unauthorized transactions.

Any transaction(s) deducted from your account due to fraudulent use will be returned to your account once Plumas Bank has been notified.


Plumas Bank customers using their ATM or VISA® Debit Card at other ATM machines without the VISA, STAR, PLUS or JEANIE symbols will be charged a $2.00 foreign ATM fee and the ATM owner will also charge a fee, these fee amounts vary by machine. The fee for using a foreign ATM machine is disclosed prior to completing your transaction.

Maximum Daily Withdrawals Limits: The maximum daily withdrawal limit for a Plumas Bank VISA® Debit Card is $500 cash and $2,500 for Point of Sale (POS) purchases at merchant locations and telephone & internet purchases.

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For business customers who need a revolving line of credit for seasonal or other business expenses.

Benefits: Cash whenever you need it; low 1/2 point fee; 3-year term; lines from $10,000 - $250,000; secured or unsecured; no need to reapply every year; only pay interest on money you use

Fees: Variable rates based on Plumas Bank Prime Rate